Scanning boxes with buletooth barcode scanner

fulfillment-calc-buttonKD Mailing & Fulfillment makes distributing your products, samples and promotional items simple. You get all the benefits described on our live order management system page. We also create kits for sampling or make repairs to premium products that come from overseas that are defective (see the customized kit building link for more information). KD warehouses and maintains inventories for all types of products both large and small, from DVDs, posters, oral rinse, office supplies and much more. We fulfill products for both internal sales and support staff as well as customers who buy direct and from the Internet. And since all the features of our live order management are available for all of our clients, both your internal sales or support staff and customers can order anything and your internal staff has access to all the reporting and activity tools too, such as the following:

12-Month Product Usage Report
Product Summary Report
Product Transaction Summary Report
Daily Orders Log