fulfillment-calc-buttonLiteratureKD Mailing & Fulfillment makes distributing your literature simple. You get all the benefits described on our live order management page plus KD can even manage your printing. For standard literature fulfillment services, KD warehouses all of your brochures, catalogs, sell sheets and any other documents you use. And since all the features of live order management are available for all our clients, your internal sales or support staff as well as your customers can order anything. Let’s face it, not all literature fulfillment services are standard. It can be challenging to determine upfront exactly how many brochures or sell sheets are needed in advance; especially for more targeted and specialty literature, or when the content of the literature changes often. In these situations, KD offers full-color print on demand services where we create a website that contains jpegs for any of your literature and only print that brochure when ordered. Print on demand can save you thousands of dollars in these situations. For more information, click on one of the following sample reports:
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