fulfillment-calc-buttonIdeas out of the box conceptSales organizations are notorious for needing to create a pretty marketing kit to best display several products or samples in their product line into a display box. In addition, KD can re-package products into smaller or larger quantities. KD Mailing & Fulfillment can help design, create or assemble any products you have in inventory into packages or marketing kits that make a statement. We can provide the best kit building and kit fulfillment for your needs. And since all the features of our live order management page are available for all of our clients, both your internal sales or support staff or customers can place orders and your internal staff has access to all the reporting and activity tools too. Your live order system management system automatically deducts that amount of inventory used in the kits we assemble and creates a new kit item in your inventory. For more information, click on one of the following sample reports:

12-Month Product Usage Report
Product Summary Report
Product Transaction Summary Report
Daily Orders Log