Save on Foreign Postage

Instant Estimate | Direct Mailing & Fulfillment ServicesEnvelope with globe sign over whiteYes, you can save as much as 15% on Canadian andiInternational postage using KD Mailing & Fulfillment. Our alliance with the largest international mail consolidator for the United States Postal Service provides discounts on rates for international surface airlift (seven- to 10-day service) and international priority airmail (three- to seven-day service). Your mail travels through the security of the USPS directly to its foreign destination for delivery. It is handled by official postal administrations through final delivery. Unlike re-mail, your mail is never sent to a second country for posting and you will not have to rely on anonymous agents to post your mail. It maintains its U.S. identity using your U.S. return address and U.S. postal markings. Foreign return addresses and postmarks are never used. Your mail piece keeps a clean and professional appearance, just as you intended. Contact a KD representative to see how you can save money on foreign postage!