KD Mailing & Fulfillment understands the difference between the goals of a not-for-profit organization and a for profit business. Although both rely upon generating revenue, not-for-profit organizations rely upon the acquisition of appeals and donations as well. Some not-for-profit organizations, like museums and the arts utilize direct mail brochures to solicit memberships and subscriptions but they also use and rely upon appeals and donations. Some appeal and donation campaigns require sophisticated Technology to create a one-to-one relationship between our not-for-profit clients and their donors. In some cases, KD develops and integrates gift stream programs of current donors or incorporates donor data into appeal or acquisition campaigns. KD Mailing & Fulfillment has superior knowledge with direct mail for nonprofits and has a significant number of clients that have not-for-profit status with the USPS. We are extremely knowledgeable regarding not-for-profit USPS regulations. We offer not-for-profit organizations innovative technology to solicit their constituents and provide mailing services that not-for-profit organizations understand.