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USPS Drop Shipment Discounts

Everyone who uses direct mail advertising wants to save money on postage. And by utilizing destination entry techniques, KD Mailing & Fulfillment can save you $33 per 1000 pieces that are qualified to be transported and entered. For years, the post office has offered mailer discounts if the mailer is willing to ship their direct-mail projects into bulk mail centers (BMC) more currently known as national distribution centers (NDC). The USPS reasons were obvious: It costs a lot of money to truck mail across the nation. And they were willing to give the mailer a discount to do that for them. Here is an example: You are using a Chicago mailing service to mail 150,000 pieces of mail. Typically they would enter that mail in Chicago for verification. During the verification process the USPS would find that 15,000 pieces of mail were going into the Detroit area. The USPS would therefore use its trucks to deliver those 15,000 pieces of mail to Detroit so they can be delivered by Detroit mail carriers. KD Mailing & Fulfillment has partnered with some of the nation’s top trucking companies who specialize in delivering mail to NDC’s around the US, resulting in a postage saving of $33 per 1,000 pieces delivered or entered into a NDC. KD determines if there’s enough postage savings for that mail being delivered within that certain geographical area covered by the NDC. In other words, KD figures out if the postage savings outweigh the trucking costs and small service charge to get that mail to any particular NDC. If there is not enough mail being delivered to any NDC destination or the trucking costs outweigh the discount, KD would utilize co-palletization techniques to gain significant postage savings.