Co-Pal Services

What is Co-Palletization for Mailing Services?

Instant Estimate | Direct Mailing & Fulfillment Servicesshipping everywhereAnother way to save money on direct mail is to use a mailing service company that can co-palletize. Co-palletization (or co-pal) is when the mailing company takes mail trays that have been addressed and sorted and combines them on the same pallet with trays of direct mail from multiple customers to create full pallets. These full pallets can then enter the post office through its destination sectional center facilities (SCF). An SCF is a USPS processing and distribution center that serves a designated geographical area defined by the first three digits in a zip code. By entering your mail at an SCF you are eligible for several mailing advantages:

  1. Your mail qualifies for greater postal discounts
  2. Your mail often ships faster and has better home delivery. because co-palletized mail enters the USPS closer to the destination.
  3. SCF’s have better tracking abilities.

KD Mailing & Fulfillment has invested a lot of time and effort to find the best way to optimize your mail. You will save money and have faster mail delivery when you take advantage of co-pal mailing services.