online shopping with credit card

fulfillment-calc-buttonThe days of spending big money to build your own website with integrated shopping carts and payment system are over. These companies offer you 100s of templates which provide you a unique homepage and integrate shopping carts, payment systems, ways to market, sell on Daily Deal sites and much more. They will host your site for you and make it very easy to update and manage your online business. All of these e-commerce store builders offer packages under $100 a month.

Now, let’s fast-forward. You set up and are successfully running an online store and are selling products. Warehousing product filling your own orders is difficult. If you’re going to be successful in the online game you need to partner with an e-commerce fulfillment service for several reasons. Warehousing your product and shipping your product are at the top of the list.

KD Mailing & Fulfillment offers turnkey solutions and can integrate the product fulfillment of the orders generated through your online store. KD will manage your inventory, distribute your products and help you communicate order status to your customers.

We will also save you big money on shipping your product to your direct customer though our negotiated rates and our alliances with UPS, USPS and some of the world’s biggest and best package consolidator rates. KD offers some of the lowest shipping prices in the nation.