Are you an expert on postal regulations and knowledgeable about how to design a mailing piece to achieve maximum postage discounts? Did you know that if you’re mailing piece is 1/8” too tall or too wide it could cost you as much as an additional $2,300 for a 10,000-piece mailing, and the same amount if you’re mailing piece falls out of the aspect ratio? Most direct mail users do not even know what an aspect ratio is.

Postal regulations change constantly and we find that it’s nearly impossible for our clients to stay on top of them.

Mailing service providers should do much more than just process direct mail advertising. They should be experts in postal regulations and be aware of future regulation changes that could negatively impact printing and designs that were completed in advance of such changes. At KD Mailing & Fulfillment, we are experts in postal regulations. We are members of all the major direct marketing associations and subscribe to all of the news feeds that could have an impact on your direct mail. All of our customer service representatives have the USPS direct mail manual (DMM) on their desktops. KD gets involved in the design process prior to the creation of any mailing piece to determine that the piece was designed using best practices.

KD Mailing & Fulfillment’s resources section provides some common tools and practices used when designing a mailing piece in an effort to help create direct mail that works.