1. Get a copy of Form 3624, Application to Mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail Prices. The form also is available from your postmaster or your business mail entry unit.

2. Fill out Form 3624. Lines 1-8 and lines 10-17 are self-explanatory. For line 9, check the category (only one) under which you are applying.

  1. Required documentation. You must submit some documentation with your application to support your claim for nonprofit prices, such as the following:
    • Formative papers—e.g., articles of incorporation, constitution or charter.
    • IRS letter of exemption from payment of federal income tax.
    • Other evidence of nonprofit status—e.g., a financial statement prepared by a responsible party such as a certified public accountant substantiating an organization’s nonprofit status (statement must include balance sheets, income statement, notes, etc.).
  1. Some mailers provide additional supporting documentation, such as the following:
    • List of the organization’s activities during the past 12 months.
    • Financial statement showing receipts and expenditures for the past fiscal year, plus the budget for the current year.
    • Other documents of operation—e.g., the organization’s bulletins, minutes of meetings or brochures.
  1. Submit the completed form and supporting documentation to your postmaster or at the business mail entry unit. Applications may be submitted online by obtaining a login and password for Business Customer Gateway at www.usps.com
  1. Your application will be reviewed by the Postal Service. If there are any questions about the application or if additional supporting documentation is needed, a postal specialist will contact you directly. Hard copy applications usually take about two weeks to be approved. Applying online can expedite the process.
  1. You can mail your organization’s materials while the nonprofit application is pending. Until you receive nonprofit authorization, you must pay postage at the regular (higher) standard mail prices. Then, once your nonprofit application is approved, you can request a refund of the difference between the regular and nonprofit prices.
  1. To request a refund, complete Form 3533, Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage, Fees, and Services. The form also is available from your postmaster or your business mail entry unit.

Submit Form 3533 with a copy of your dated nonprofit application and copies of your postage statements. Be sure to keep copies of your postage statements to expedite the refund process. It takes about two weeks to receive your refund check. Once you have been approved to mail at nonprofit privileges, in order to keep that authorization, you must make a nonprofit mailing at least once during a two-year period. Otherwise, your authorization could be revoked.