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Increase your ROI with PURLS or personalized landing pages Personalized URLs Bring in Better Leads and More Useful Data 

KD Mailing & Fulfillment  can create personal landing pages to work in conjunction with your direct mail campaign. With the help of personalized URLs, your mailing campaign can attract more responses and provide you with faster, more detailed information on potential leads. PURLs are web site addresses that are customized for each name on your mailing list. KD Mailing & Fulfillment’s custom lettershop services make it simple for your mailings to carry a website address with your customers’ name built right into it, such as http://CustomerName.Your Not only does this customized web address grab your contacts’ attention, but it also directs them to a PLP that gives your contacts the information they want while your organization can gather the data you need.

Generate More Responses with PURLs

In campaign after campaign, personalized URLs have been shown to increase the response rate from direct marketing efforts. An increasing amount of people have indicated that they prefer to respond to direct marketing efforts online. PURL technology takes advantage of that fact, along with the fact that recipients prefer materials that are customized to them. Seeing their name on a webpage helps recipients understand that the information is intended specifically for them.

PURLs are Cost Effective

Since personalized URLs use information already present in your mailing database, PURLs are relatively simple to design and very cost effective. With the help of KD Mailing & Fulfillment specialists, you decide which custom elements you want to include in each web page, then KD Mailing & Fulfillment’s software uses your mailing database to generate the individual web pages as necessary. With relatively low overhead and a significant boost in the number of responses, PURLs generate a great return on your investment.

Use Personalized Websites to Share and Gather Information

When you use personalize URL Technology, putting your contacts’ names into the URL is only the start of the customization effort. You can use information from your mailing list to generate information and graphics on the personalized website, building materials that speak directly to your contacts and their interests. A personalized website also presents a great opportunity to gather more information from your contacts. By including a short survey on the site, you can receive additional contact information that can put you directly in touch with decision makers, along with other information that can turn mailing list data into solid leads.

Collect More Detailed Data About Responses to Your Direct Marketing Efforts

By having your contacts use personalized URL technology to respond to your marketing efforts, you have the opportunity to collect detailed information about how they responded. How soon after the mailing was sent out did the contacts visit their personal sites? How much time did they spend on their personal sites? How many of them clicked through to your organization’s general website? All of this information is available to you through your own online dashboard.

Upgrade Your Capabilities Without the Headaches

Since KD Mailing & Fulfillment is an application service provider model for its personalized URL technology service, your organization gains the benefit without having to integrate the new software with your existing systems. You have constant access to all the reports and data you need, but KD Mailing & Fulfillment maintains it, making sure you always have the most up-to-date reports and data.

Use PURLs and Variable Data Inkjet Imaging to Maximize the Customization of Your Mailings

Printing individualized web addresses on direct mailings requires the use of KD Mailing & Fulfillment variable data inkjet imaging technology, and that is just the start of the customization options that are available through our printing technology. Talk to our specialists about how to best customize your mailing to grab the attention of your contacts and encourage them to use their personalized URLs.

Make Your PURLs Effective by Using Reliable Data

Any time you send out customized direct mailing information, you want to be certain that you are using reliable, accurate mailing data. If you have the wrong data, then your web sites will be customized in the wrong ways, greatly reducing their effectiveness. Use KD Mailing & Fulfillment’s data services to help ensure that you have a clean, accurate mailing list.

Use Our Expertise to Help You Design Custom Sites 

While personalized URL technology can be an enticing element in your direct marketing campaign, a web address by itself will not generate the attention your organization wants. KD Mailing & Fulfillment’s specialists can help in all steps of the process, from deciding how the custom web addresses should look to choosing specific elements for the personalized websites. We will help you understand how you can design sites that keep your contacts interested. Contact our specialists today!