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Direct Mail Business or sales letters can really open doors and generate leads for new business if done right. Or, they can look like finance company letters that come in a window envelope and have a barcode on top of the recipient’s name.

The trick is making the direct mail business letters feel personal and not resemble bulk mail advertising. KD always uses a non-window envelope and a postage stamp. The stamp does not have to be a first-class stamp either; it could be a Standard stamp (bulk mail). When printing a person’s name on the envelope we always use a high-quality TrueType font. We then eliminate all the postal endorsements and place the barcode in the lower right-hand corner since the post office will print a barcode there if we don’t.

 Most of us cannot resist opening that type of envelope package because it looks important.

Then, without getting into details regarding the content of the direct mail letter, we print the body of the letter digitally. The address information on top of the business or sales letter will match the address information on the envelope and the salutation will be the individual’s first and or last name as contained in the mailing list database. In fact, we can merge any information contained in the mailing list database into the body of the document or letter and even print any signature in color creating a personal, one-to-one feel. And we also offer personalized letters for Every Day Direct Mail service.

At that point, the letter is folded, matched and inserted into the envelope along with other components, known as a match mailing.

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