Buy a Mailing ListPeople collageOur premium U.S. consumer direct mailing lists are created by aggregating dozens of the best known and highest quality sources. The consumer data is completely recompiled on a monthly basis (posted on the 15th of every month). The data is notably fresh and accurate. The total number of records contained in the U.S. consumer mailing file is approximately 200 million, with more than 120 million households. This makes it one of the larger consumer databases available. There are also more than 175 data points on the file, from basic demographics (income, age, homeowner status, length of residence, age and gender of children, etc.) to specific individual information (ethnicity, religion, mortgage information and buying habits). The consumer file is thoroughly cleansed twice during its compilation process; once at the start of the build for a better merge/purge match rate, and a second time just prior to the data becoming available. Some of the data hygiene techniques used are DPV, DSF, NCOA, LACS, as well as suppression against the Deceased File, the DMA Pander File and the Prison File. Deliverability on the file is rated between 94% and 97%.