Best Direct Mail Designs

Graphics can make or break your direct mail piece

There are three key components to a successful direct mail campaign:

• The right mailing list
• A compelling offer and content
• Graphic design

Great eye-catching graphics are essential to get your direct mail piece noticed. First of all, they need to work well and go along with your brand. They should be more than a simple clip art image of the product or service you sell. Imagine receiving a postcard with an image of an old beat up furnace. Obviously the company behind that direct mail piece is in the HVAC business. But is that picture of an old furnace really going to make you want to buy a new one? Maybe, but probably not. Wouldn’t a more compelling graphic be a family sitting comfortable in their living room in front of a huge picture window showing a blizzard outside? Included in that direct mail design will also be content and an offer describing what the HVAC company sells and the services they offer. KD Mailing & Fulfillment uses creative and talented graphic artists who will work one-on-one with you to create graphic designs and layouts that not only help sell your product or service, but also create or maintain your image and brand.